A dedicated team of Doctors with an exclusively state – of – the – art facility across the city of Mumbai in Bandra, Thane & Kalyan

Beauty isn’t only skin deep. It goes deeper and requires personalized care and holistic healing center. Synova – High Tech Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is a little oasis of tranquility with state-of-the-art equipment for a range of treatments to enhance, relax, revitalize, relieve and aid detoxification of the Skin, Body and Hair. The clinic aims to provide scientific, time-tested medicated health care in a soothing and calming ambience.

At Synovacare, when you walk through the doors of our skincare clinic in Mumbai, we want you to feel immediately comfortable & happy. Comfortable with your surroundings, happy with the people who are here to take care of your skin care issues, and happy when you realize that you have made the best choice for your medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology.

Our specialty is in combining the most cutting edge technologies with an expertise in delivering natural aesthetic results to provide our patients all potential options to make the improvements they desire under our skin specialists. When you come in for your skincare consultation you will have the comfort of knowing that we are confident in our ability of achieving the goals we set with each other without the risk and recovery of surgery. Dr. KARISHMA BALANI and her team, a Dermatology and Laser Team have signature treatments of the face, neck, and body including the most modern laser treatments and equipment's to smooth, tighten, tone, and lift the face and neck, and non-invasive procedures to slim, contour, and tighten the body.

Our Dermatologist in Mumbai is also certified for Botox procedures, Lip fillers, and other injectable treatments that can mimic the effects of surgery without the downtime, pain, and unnatural appearance of more old-fashioned cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Karishma Balani

Aesthetic Dermatologist, Trichologist, Antiaging, Laser & PCOS Expert

Starting early on, Dr. Karishma aspired to find scientific solutions for everyday problems that help the masses nation-wide. She successfully completed her PG from LTMGH hospital Sion, followed by specialization in Aesthetic dermatology from Gold Coast Academy Australia. She has also received Diploma in Endocrinology (Study of Hormones) from the University of South Wales (U.K.) and has attended several International conferences in the same field.

During the 18 years of her practice Dr. Karishma has treated children, adolescents, women and men. She observed that there was a major lack of awareness about health, diet, hormonal imbalance and aging process which eventually led to a number of health hazards. She wanted a holistic approach to help people prevent these problems at an early stage with a combination of science, technology and skills. And hence founded, SYNOVA.

Dr. Karishma is a member of :
CDDI – Cosmetic dermatology society of India,
IMCAS – International master course in aging skin,
AAIRO – Anti-Obesity research India,
A4M – American academy of anti-aging medicine.


Aesthetic Physician & Obesity Consultant

Dr. Paridhi Sanghvi, MBBS, is an experienced Aesthetic physician certified in Coolsculpt University. Her passion for aesthetic treatments and healing inspired her to shift to Mumbai and join SYNOVA – A High-tech laser and Cosmetic Surgery Centre which is a perfect fit for capable and gifted doctors.

She is talented, informative and has a calm and steady way with all her patients.


BSc., MSc (UK London) Sports And Exercise Nutrition

She uses her knowledge and experience to assess the clients individually and provide diet charts that are easy to follow and motivates them throughout the process.

She is a friendly face in the clinic and works to alter lifestyles and bring about changes for healthier choices that not just provide a temporary change for the clients but a lifelong of happy healthy life.


M.Ch Plastic Surgeon

He is a qualified and celebrated surgeon with a Fellowship in advanced aesthetic surgery (Europe) and Fellowship in facial aesthetic surgery (South Korea).

He leads our day-surgery center and has a sting of successes to his name. His sense of professionalism and unwavering commitment to technique makes him an all time ideal surgeon.

He strives for excellence and promise to satisfy you to the core. Each of his patient receives individual attention and customize solution for their problem.


M.D. Plastic Surgeon

He is an internationally certified HARRTS Robotic transplant expert having 8 years of experience. He has performed over 1000 Hair Transplant operations and is a leading expert in hair problems.

Dr. Vinod is dedicated to provide accurate information and highest quality result to every hair loss patient with personalize approach. He has uncompromising stand on providing quality in surgical care. He offers treatments which are well research and have proven safety to patients.

His services includes treatment of Baldness, Hair Regrowth, Hair fall, Alopecia & Androgenetic Areata, Dandruff and Laser, PRP (Platelate Rich Plasma), Meso Therapy & Hair Transplant.


M.S., M. Ch., D.N.B. (Plastic Surgery)

She is the Director of the Face & Figure Aesthetic, Plastic & Laser Surgery Centre. She has been closely associated with this premier centre of the country for the past five years.

She shifted base to Mumbai has painstakingly worked under the fathers of aesthetic surgery in the country. The array of cases in Aesthetic Plastic and Laser Surgery she manages independently and as a member of the team includes Large volume Ultrasonic Liposuctions, Abdominoplasties, Breast Augmentations and Reductions, Nose Corrections, Hair Transplants, Face Lifts also by advanced Suspension Suture Techniques of APTOS asides the regulation basic general aesthetic plastic surgical cases and conditions.




What is Dermatology?
A – Dermatology is the medical specialty that aims at disorders and conditions which affect your nails, hair, and skin. Normal wear & tear, diseases, damage, as well as other disorders can affect your skin. Our team of Dermatologist in Mumbai studies, researches, and diagnoses normal skin as well as disorders of the skin.

What do dermatologists do?
A – At our clinics in Bandra West and other locations, the dermatologists treat more than 3000 skin conditions, which include psoriasis, skin cancer, and acne. Our Dermatologist in Mumbai and different locations like Thane west are trained for carrying out laser treatments, skin grafts, excision of the lesions, as well as a lot more.

What is Aesthetic Physician?
A – The Aesthetic Physician is the medical professional who has specific training in the processes of his competence. He is in charge of assisting his patients for improving those aspects of their image which bothers them and the procedure is always based upon scientific and medical criteria as well as from a realistic basis. At Kalyan and many other locations, you can get the services of our well-trained and professional Aesthetic Physician.

What Aesthetic Physician do?
A – At facial level, the aesthetic physician in Mumbai performs face rejuvenation, for eliminating sagging and wrinkles as it is considered as the most demanded treatment. As far as the body level is concerned, the aesthetic treatments at our clinic in UlhasNagar are cellulite treatment, laser hair removal, sagging, and localized fats etc.


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